AS02 SupeRun X PitPat Ultimate Membership

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Style: SupeRun X PitPat Ultimate Member

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Connected Fitness with App

Just download the PitPat App below and enjoy benefits from PitPat Ultimate Membership today!

Ultimate Member All Benefits

Why Ultimate Memeber

More Race Coupons

Start with $140 monthly race coupons (20* $7 coupons). Use coupons to join races and win rewards!

More Points to Redeem

Start with 15000 PitPat points, plus unlimited points redemption. Redeem goods from Points Shop in app such as coupons, virtual clothing and physical fitness kit!

Keep Your Data Forever

Keep data to keep fit. Data-driven running will make you keep running! And now you can preserve your data permanently!

All Training Courses

Gain access to all training courses in App immediately! Take various trainings and stay fit now!


AS02 - Features and Specifications

Foldable Treadmill with Incline (0% - 6%, manual adjustment)

The SupeRun AS02 Foldable Treadmill with Incline is a reliable source of exercise and fitness for anyone with a small space. With incline, you can burn more calories,generates more muscle activity and improve cardiovascular fitness more. It can quickly and easily be folded up for storage and moved with its built-in wheels. It is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs., and comes with the PitPat health app, which allows you to track fitness data or share with friends.

Weight Capacity

300 lbs.

Product Weight

86 lbs.

Product Dimensions (folded)

54.1''D x 24.1''W x7.87''H

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