Brand Story

Super Power Super Fun

Make Indoor Running Fun

At SupeRun

Our Misson

By gamifying the running experience and making it enjoyable, Superun aims to transform the way people view exercise and help them achieve their fitness goals with enthusiasm and fun.

Our Vision

We envision a world where individuals of all fitness levels embrace running as an exciting adventure, facilitated by our 3D immersive technology and gamified experiences. We aspire to build a connected community of running enthusiasts who support and inspire one another, fostering a culture of health, motivation, and achievement.

Our Values

Unlike traditional treadmills, SupeRun treadmill combines hardware and software to integrate with an online event platform for smart treadmills that can stimulate users’ interest in fitness and satisfy users’ competitive experience through immersive running and rich event activities.

The Birth of SupeRun

SupeRun was born from my personal struggle with weight and the negative impact it had on my health. Determined to make a change, I decided to take up running. However, I quickly found it boring and struggled to stay consistent due to busy work schedules, bad weather, and other obstacles. Although I eventually lost weight, I despised the process. This inspired me to create SupeRun treadmills, with the goal of helping others who face similar challenges to stay committed to running and fitness.

SupeRun Smart Under Desk Treadmill

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