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I like it. So compact and can be easily put away.

Great. Works well under my desk

Great walking treadmill. It’s not a jogging or running treadmill. If that’s what you’re looking for you may not be impressed but for a walking treadmill and a way to get more steps in during the workday, this is a great product. Construction is good, size and price is right. Good product.

I love this so much. So easy to walk and run on.

Works very well and it was a great price

Gives me the freedom to walk everyday without having to brace the Arizona heat

I am really enjoying my SuperRun mini walking pad, I am able to get my daily steps in, without having to leave home. So far the pad itself works really well and runs smooth. The only thing is my current older fitbit model does not work to count my steps while I'm on it , however, that is just a minor inconvenience.

I've had this tread mill for a few months now. I love it. I love that I van run on it, and store it under my bed.

Glad I purchased the SupeRun Treadmill. So convenient and easy to put together. I love using it while watching T.V. I'm soooo glad I made this purchase. I'm walking and running myself into better health thanks to SupeRun!

Love it! Perfect size for my desk at work. I just wish I could fix the volume when you initially turn it onits a little loud. But really enjoying it!

Love it

I am enjoying my walking pad considering this Texas weather is brutal. Hope it lasts.

Love it! It is very convenient, and I can easily put it away.

I am enjoying the smart walking pad. I am a 68 year old. Excuse me young woman need to continue my physical health. I wanted something to fit in the kitchen downstairs. This works perfectly. Its easy to use especially in all this heat so Im grateful thank you.

Little trouble getting the belt to stay adjusted but way better quality than I expected and love it! Took to my office at work!

Happy with purchase

Saw an ad on my feed and thought why not, it's a good price. The shipping was quick, the packaging was good, and all I had to do was plug the cord in and go. The treadmill is a great size for my small gym in my second bedroom and I am very happy with my decision and will be using this thing daily.

SupeRun® CT04 Foldable 2 in 1 Smart Walking Pad Treadmill with Handrail - Green

Great product

Enjoy walking on the pad. Makes walking easy. Don't have to go out in heat.

SupeRun® CT04 Foldable 2 in 1 Smart Walking Pad Treadmill with Handrail - Black

Great Walker

Love it great for walking as I can't run

SupeRun BA04 Mini WalkingPad with remote control
Michelle Chappell

I love that this is ready to go right out the box. Works well for me on the days I can’t make it or don’t feel like going to the gym.