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Connect to our smart treadmill app for online races, rewards, data tracking, training courses, and a vibrant running community. Indoor running just got fun! Join us now!

How Do We Make Running Fun?


Explore fun alongside friends and fellow runners in the vast PitPat world. Dive into over 12 captivating scenes, each brimming with adventure. Join us as we explore boundless fun together!


Compete in thrilling races! Explore a variety of race types, like multiplayer daily races, theme races, solo races, etc. Experience the joy of competition and the thrill of victory. Join us and discover the exhilarating world of racing!


Rewards await when you join races! From the allure of real cash prizes to in-app virtual costumes, medals, and race coupons to join more races and win more rewards, there's something for everyone.

Online Racing with Smart Treadmills

Connect with Fellow Running Enthusiasts! Participate in Official Multiplayer Events and Compete Head-to-Head. Dive into Daily Races, Themed Challenges, Ranking Competitions, and More. Or Host Your Own Races and Invite Others to Join the Fun!

Other Features You'd Love

Data Tracking

Effortlessly monitor your running time, distance, steps, calories, speed and etc. on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Stay motivated, set goals, and track your progress like never before.

Training Taking

Unlock your full potential with our app's dynamic training courses! From beginners to seasoned runners, our comprehensive selection caters to all levels.

Social Connecting

Join a vibrant community of passionate runners! Connect, challenge with races, and share your progress with fellow running enthusiasts worldwide.

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Now you choose our treadmill, you're not just getting a machine; you're gaining access to a year-long Ultimate Membership to our exclusive app. You can enjoy all the benefits of any existing member tier of our App, but with higher benefits such as more race coupons, more points, you name it!

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