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Stage Winner List

Vol1: Music Run (Ended)

Event Progress

Vol1: Music Run (Ended)

May 9 - May 15
A race battle who gets the most miles
Top 10 share Total Prize $ 500

Vol2: Shining Run (Ongoing)

May 16 - May 22
Fluorescent night scene waiting for you to run
Top 50 share Total Prize $ 500

Vol3: Jigsaw Run

May 23 - May 29
Complete the race to unlock all puzzles
Top 50 share Total Prize $ 500

Vol4: Road to the Championship

May 30 - June 6
Experience a mini marathon online
Top 50 share Total Prize $ 500

June 10th - The Final

160 Finalists are from previous 4 stages top winners.

At final, Top 10 will share $1000, and top 1 will also get a vision pro headset.

*Refer to the event in App to know more detail.

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